Manayunk Brand Identity, Mobile App, and Subway Advertising

The advertising campaign I have conceptualized directs viewers to an application called the “Masterpeice App”. After downloading the application the user is prompted to sign in or login with their Facebook account. Once inside the application the user can explore Manayunk’s best painting spots or inspire others by pinning new spots around the town. The user is directed to spots via gps and once reached the user can mark themselves as being there. They may then start creating a masterpeice of their own after seeing another user’s creation. The “spots” concept increases visitor engagment with Manayunk and introduces them to the most appealing views in the area. Users can use the “inspire” feature to share their own spots, as well as upload photos or decriptions of them. The primary goal of this application is to create a community of artists around Manayunk. By creating this community, Manayunk will gradually become a more popular place to visit and interact with.